Our Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board has been established to overview our research and development program, led by Dr. Adele Hossieni, Bod Chief Scientific Officer. The board holds knowledge and expertise in the development of pharmaceuticals, clinical research and medicinal cannabis. The Scientific Advisory Board supports the Bod team expertise and expertise from other research collaborations.

Professor Ian Olver


Prof. Olver originally trained as a medical oncologist and bioethicist. He is currently Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Medical Science at the University of Adelaide, with research focusing on supportive care in cancer and psycho-oncology. Prof. Olver was previously CEO of Cancer Council Australia and Clinical Director of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Centre. He is immediate past President of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer and served on the Australian Health Ethics Committee of the NHMRC for 9 years chairing it for the 6 years.  To date he has published 315 journal papers, 28 book chapters, and authored 4 books and edited 5 including the MASSCC Textbook of Supportive Care and Survivorship.

Professor Andrew McLachlan


Professor Andrew McLachlan is a leading Australian pharmacist, academic and researcher with experience in clinical pharmacology and the quality use of medicines. He is Head of School and Dean at the Sydney Pharmacy School, The University of Sydney. Prof. McLachlan is the former chair of a human research ethics committee and serves on Australian government committees related to medicines policy, evaluation, regulation and antidoping.

Professor Stella Valezuela


Prof. Valenzuela undertook her PhD studies in cell and molecular biology [identifying novel genes – CLIC1 and MIC-1 – from activated macrophage cells] at the Centre for Immunology (CFI), St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, obtaining her PhD from the University of NSW in 1998. Prior to this she had worked in the commercial sector, in the biotechnology companies Australian Monoclonal Development Pty Ltd and Cellabs Pty Ltd in research and development of monoclonal antibody technologies for research and diagnostic purposes. Currently Prof. Valenzuela is the Associate Head of School (Research), School of Life Sciences Core Member, CHT – Centre for Health Technologies at University of Technology, Sydney.

Prof Valenzuela is also Director of the IDEAL Research Hub, funded by the Australian Research Council. The IDEAL Hub brings together academic researchers and industry partners to focus on improving the sensitivity, selectivity, speed and cost-effectiveness of detecting at low levels in order to develop the next generation of diagnostic and testing devices.

Prof Valenzuela is recognized as one of the University’s leading Nanobiotechnology researchers.